Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dates Are All off...We Are So Awesome

I know the capitalization of that title looks odd, but it's correct. You don't capitalize prepositions, articles, or conjunctions.

Here's what to know: We just finished up with 8/31 on the calendar at the bottom of this page. Does this mean your faithful teacher is all washed up? No. On the contrary, it means that we have been taking our time. We are not running a race--we are building a foundation. So, yes, we can take our time.

Let's take stock of what we've done so far in about four weeks:

We've learned 15 new words, and started another 5 for the next test.

We've learned about compound, collective, proper, common, abstract, and concrete nouns.

We've covered inference in depth, learned thesis/main idea, discussed strategies on figuring out new words and phrases, and we're moving on to author's purpose.

We've also written a paragraph about what we care about and discussed our role in the community.

Finally, after four weeks, we've done a total of 200 minutes of silent sustained reading per student! Many of you have already finished books, and some of you finished your first book ever.

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