Saturday, November 7, 2009

Long Time No Blog

I know...I know! It's been a long time--but do not fear, dear students of enormous consequence! We are up and running like a well-oiled machine!

We are finished with Mary Rowlandson, and as you've seen with the Board Race of Benjamin Franklin facts and the poem about what it means to be a great American, we are now covering Benjamin Franklin!

If you haven't done these things, then this is your make-up work. Also, you should have 9 pages of grammar work so far. If you don't have that, then you're also missing work. Check which pages you've done against the purple grammar book, and do the ones that are missing. In addition, if you are not here for one day, I hereby ask that you bring reading logs with your parent's signature (signing that you read for twenty minutes, just as we do in class each day).

Finally, we'll be starting our Research Papers this nine weeks!!! It's exciting! So, make sure you're up to date with the service learning paragraphs from the syllabus (see below--there are three we have done).

See you in class!

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