Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blog Issues

Students and Parents:

What began as an experiment to attempt to minimize wasted money
through paper continues as an experiment. The second semester is
here, and I still have not used the copy room. I have used roughly
two reams of paper. If you are a working student, this is saving you
money. If you are a parent, this is saving you money.

Until a feasible plan is put in place that allows continuous updates
without the labor-intensive process now in place, the website is not
being used for updates, but remains a place to find the syllabus
(which has all Service Learning topics listed). In order to find
this, you will need to go to older entries. If you cannot do this,
you can either ask Mr. Ross after reading time or email him at

Thanks for taking part in this experimental aspect of my class.

Do remember, Research Paper Number Two is due on March 1st, and on
March 20th, you need to have one hour of community service documented.

See you soon!

Mr. Ross

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